Silicone Baby Bum Spatula

Your nr 1 must have baby product for 2020!

For easy, fast, thick, BPA FREE and no mess application of your babies bum cream.

Made from food grade silicone this bum spatula is soft to the touch and gentle enough for your babies delicate skin.

It also consists of a suction base for no mess convenience untill baby is sorted.

More hygenic for baby and you!
Since you are not using fingers it also saves time and energy. “No more bum cream fingers”

Product care:

Silicone is non porous, therefore almost exclude the risk of harboring harmful bacteria.

After use, simply wipe clean with wet wipe and leave to dry.

Hot or cold sterilization can be used.

Heat resistant up to 220° therefore you can safely sterilize your *Silicone Baby Bum Spatula* by boiling water for minimum 10 min.